CSAHOST DDoS Protection = OVH + Custom Software Solutions.

CSAHOST ddos protection combines the power of OVH Game Protection and Home-Made. Custom Solutions to reduce page load times and filtering malicious packets.


Two-Way Mitigation: A filter on entry/exit

For every type of attack, we've built a specific response closely integrated to the servers and directly integrated within the Tilera hardware.

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Anti DDoS Game Mitigation

A router located next to the machine analyzes packets. This router treats every hosted site as a special case.

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VAC Technology
The Pre-Firewall is based on Arista 7508R, which is able to connect 288 100 G ports..read more
Firewall Network
The firewall network is composed of vRouters executing OVH-developed code, enabling all traffic to be classified .. read more
Shield is an OVH-developed software solution that runs on vRouters..read more
Armor is the most advanced VAC software solution, for mitigating persistent attacks..read more


Custom Firewall Rules
We have created custom rules for our software firewall to detect and mitigate flood attacks mainly targeted at the application layer. With multiple filtering technologies, it has become easier to route only the legit packets to your server.

Some of the popular layer 7 attacks which we can mitigate are:

  • Basic HTTP Floods
  • Randomized HTTP Floods
  • Cache-bypass HTTP Floods
  • WordPress XMLRPC Floods
Intelligent Caching Solution
We have incorporated Cache Accelerator to speed up content rendering which is essential for high-traffic websites. The solution not only helps to increase thoroughput but it also filters and mitigates spam via its intelligent packet sensor.
Other Tweaks
Some other tweaks include Database tweaks, Kernel Tweaks, DNS Tweaks. All these provide additional stability to the system.

  • Use of NVMe Drives for fastest IO Performance
  • Fast support for every need
  • We use OVH Premium Bandwidth
  • All servers are powered by Intel I7 (7700k) Processor